JLo and American Idol

American Idol finale was last night. Steven Tyler,Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez shined like 'diamonds'. How about her vocals? Do you think she lipsynced? She also looked great in her many outfit changes, especially the silver lacey number for her song. The long black gown was a reminder of her 'diva' days when she appeared at many red carpet events in fashion forward gowns. Recently saw her from the side in picture, in another lacey garb, in red, showing alot of skin. It accentuated her famous 'rear'. What it also showed was how her neck is pulled up, her face looks like it has had alot of botox and dermabrasion. It makes her look hard. Hope she doesn't succumb to many procedures, like other stars,chasing youth as they look awful! Now that American Idol has wrapped up, Jennifer Lopez is scheduled to appear across from Celine Dion in Las Vegas, at Planet Hollywood in January 2016. Will her boy toy, Casper be coming with her to do choreography and other things? Heard she is interviewing dancers already.Photos, recently show them together and chummy. Are they an item again? I've ben hearing her song 'Jenny from the block' on the radio. She is no longer Jenny from the block and hasn't been fr some time. She has definitely moved on from the cancelled Idol without skipping a beat. Jennifer Lopez is also trying to create buzz aound her new venture. She clearly has done it all by dancing as a 'Fly Girl' in acclaimed 'In Living Color', acting in movies like 'Enough', singing, having her own perfume, being an 'Idol' judge,producing, being a mother of twins and now having her own show in Vegas. Good for her.She is still human, as her many marriages, including to Ben Affleck, didn't stick. It ofcourse is common in the entertainment business. Through it all, Jennifer Lopez has managed to hold herself with dignity and grace. She actually appears like a nice person with a good head on her shoulders. Jenny gave good advice to the singers, based on her own experience, like telling one, that he needed to control his emotions. You go girl!