Jennifer Lopez - Golden Globe Awards 2015

Jennifer attends the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards.

2015 was the year of sheer for J-Lo (and just about every other celeb), but the singer is starting off 2016 with a more covered up style. Her pre-show Instagram scores the most likes of the Golden Globes Awards. When you're the J Lo, one eye-catching outfit is never enough.  Amid a sea of plunging necklines in last years awards, she just proved that some women really do get better with age. So of course, she killed it at the 2016 Golden Globes with her sexy hair. 

Jeremy Renner is an admirer of Jennifer Lopez's body. He joked about Jennifer Lopez's "globes" at the 2015 Awards. 

She certainly attempted to beat her famous 2009 Golden Globes gown in a BEAUTIFUL dress at last years awards... more to come soon!